Remote neurofeedback

Think about the last time you tried to schedule your annual physical with your doctor or a teeth cleaning with your dentist. Was it tough to find a time that worked for your schedule that wasn’t also six months from now? Between work, family obligations, personal obligations, and extracurricular activities, your free time is limited. The last way you want to spend that time is driving across town in rush hour traffic on your way to an appointment that you could barely squeeze into your day thinking about all the things you could be doing at that moment. For those struggling with their mental health and well-being, this feeling can exacerbate the problems and symptoms you’re already experiencing. Because we believe in providing an exceptional client experience, we not only provide in-house neurofeedback services, but also in-patient grade remote neurofeedback solutions.

How Does Remote Neurofeedback Work

Remote neurofeedback is not all that different than the process you would experience in our office, however it affords patients who are not close to one of our eight locations and those with strict schedules the luxury of drug-free treatment for various mental health struggles in the comfort of their own home or office.

qEEG Brain Mapping

It comes as no surprise that neurofeedback, whether at home or in one of our facilities, can only be effective when the treatment protocols are informed by data. Without the information collected from a qEEG brain map, neurofeedback would be a fruitless endeavor. If you’re local to the Denver or Dallas area, we can help you with the brain mapping process. If you’re not local, we can help you find a qualified professional in your area to perform a brain map that will guide your neurofeedback treatment.

Remote neurofeedback

Guided Neurofeedback At Home

After completing your qEEG brain map, we can determine the best approach for remote treatment. We will combine the data from your brain map with specialized intake forms to gather insights about your state of mind, symptoms, and goals. This will be used to inform your remote neurofeedback treatment protocols.

Nepes (ney-pause) partners with Myndlift, a mobile app specifically designed for neurofeedback, which allows you access to medical grade insights and training from home. We rent top-of-the-line frequency tracking equipment to remote neurofeedback patients that connect to the Myndlift app so that you can perform your brain training when and where it suits you best.

Facilitating Your Own Remote Neurofeedback Therapy

Simply adjust the headset so that it is snugly wrapped around your head. Make sure there is no hair between your skin and the headset sensors. Be sure that you are in a quiet, calm environment that is free from distractions. A bedroom or office with the door shut and phones, computers, and televisions turned off is ideal. We recommend taking a few minutes to meditate, relax, or just take a couple of deep breaths to get your mind in state for optimal neurofeedback therapy.

A highly trained clinician from Nepes will act as your personal, Myndlift neurofeedback provider. We will help you craft the ideal physical space for your neurofeedback training as well as guide you through the training program so that you can achieve the best possible results. As you participate in the training and your brain achieves ideal levels of relaxation, performance, or focus, you will be rewarded with visual stimuli and auditory feedback directly through the Myndlift app. This training is called operant conditioning.

Remote neurofeedback

Just like you would experience in one of our offices, the remote neurofeedback therapy measures the electrical activity in the brain so that you can be aware of both optimal and undesirable brainwaves, allowing you to gain control of your reactions to stimuli and create new neural pathways that help your brain operate more efficiently.

Your personal, remote neurofeedback provider will schedule regular check-ups with you to see how you’re doing and make adjustments as needed, allowing you to get expert insight from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Who Can Benefit From Remote Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback can be used to treat a variety of different mental health struggles, from anxiety and depression to focus and performance. You can learn more about the disorders and goals we specialize in at Nepes here. If you’re struggling with maintaining optimal brain function and don’t have access to a leading neurofeedback clinician in your area, remote neurofeedback training could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Learn more about remote neurofeedback with Nepes today.