Nepes’s (ney-pause) Boulder location is ideal for college students and families alike. Sitting just off the Denver/Boulder Turnpike, our Boulder neurofeedback office is conveniently located for easy access that satisfies the needs of every lifestyle. Our Boulder, Colorado facility specializes in qEEG brain mapping, neurofeedback, biofeedback, and traditional counseling so that every patient can find what they need at Nepes.

Leading Neurofeedback In Boulder, Colorado

One of our key values at Nepes is providing an exceptional client experience. We can only do that by ensuring that we offer all the possible treatments a patient seeking neurofeedback in Boulder might need at a single, convenient location.

qEEG Brain Mapping In Boulder

Boulder is a college town, so we work with all walks of life. qEEG brain mapping is the turning point for many students, professionals, and families. The data collected during the brain mapping process can inform a personalized treatment neurofeedback treatment plan can help you overcome a variety of mental health struggles, including:

Once we can pinpoint where the imbalances in your brain are occurring, leading to symptoms that are affecting your everyday life, we can directly affect them through neurofeedback training at our Boulder office.

Boulder’s Best Neurofeedback Providers

Our Boulder neurofeedback experts specialize in treating a variety of symptoms and disorders. We can target behaviors associated with chronic symptoms, as well as traumatic injuries sustained in a fall or accident. Whatever brings you to our neurofeedback specialists in Boulder, one thing remains consistent: you’ll find a safe, comfortable, and compassionate environment that stimulates healing and relief.

Biofeedback Can Support Neurofeedback Therapy

Our Boulder location also offers Biofeedback using Thought Technology. By tracking electrical frequencies occurring in the brain, we can help bring subconscious behaviors and emotions into your awareness, thus allowing you to have better control over your reactions, emotions, and behaviors. We rely on your qEEG brain map to determine whether neurofeedback alone will alleviate your symptoms or if supplementary treatment through biofeedback could be beneficial to you.

Traditional Counseling Offers Well-Rounded Mental Healthcare In Boulder

Last, but certainly not least, our Boulder neurofeedback experts partner with both in-house and third party counselors to provider well-rounded mental health care to each and every patient. Whether you’re looking for licensed counselor to help you through neurofeedback for a traumatic event or you’re neurofeedback treatment is focused on improving performance and an experienced life coach makes more sense, we have the ability to connect you with both.

Neurofeedback In Boulder Helps You Lead Your Best Life

If your mental health and well-being is preventing you from leading your best life, neurofeedback could be the drug-free, non-invasive solution you’re looking for. Contact our mental health specialists in Boulder to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how neurofeedback can get you where you want to be.