Nepes (ney-pause) is a proud partner of McWhorter Chiropractic & Neurological Rehabilitation, offering a full suite of neurofeedback and related therapies in Centennial. Conveniently located at Arapahoe and I-25, residents can take advantage of the various rehabilitation and wellness services Dr. McWhorter and his team have to offer, as well as the neurofeedback you've come to know and love from Nepes.

The Centennial Client Experience

At Nepes, we're passionate about two things: you and your mental health. Our primary focus is your experience. This partnership helps us ensure a positive client experience by allowing us offer such a wide breadth of services and treatments. Combining our core services, such as qEEG brain mapping and neurofeedback, with the vast supporting services Dr. Jeff McWhorter offers was a no-brainer for both our clinicians and our clients.

At our Centennial partner location, clients can take advantage of a number of services and treatments, including:

Dr. Jeff McWhorter is a leading Denver chiropractor with expertise in a wide variety of different modalities that support athletic performance, cognitive enhancement, and concussion and TBI recovery. He recently opened his own practice, McWhorter CNR with one key goal: to make high-quality, cutting-edge therapies widely available. Offering some of the best rates in the country, supported by an unparalleled patient experience, McWhorter CNR is a top-tier healthcare provider.

Support Your Mental Health With Neurofeedback In Centennial

Your mental well being can have a major impact on your everyday life. Whether you're struggling to cope with a stressful job, you've recently suffered a concussion, or you're dealing with symptoms of a condition like anxiety or depression, recovery starts with taking care of your brain. Neurofeedback is the number one way to support your mental health. Let's review what neurofeedback in Centennial looks like with Nepes.

qEEG Brain Mapping For Centennial Residents

qEEG brain mapping is how we start the neurofeedback process at our Centennial location. Many of our patients here are working in conjunction with Dr. McWhorter to deal with chronic pain or injury. Understanding what neurological pathways are being affected can guide the therapeutic treatments employed throughout your recovery. A brain map allows us to pinpoint specific areas of high and low activity within the brain to target treatment going forward.

Centennial Neurofeedback Experts At Nepes

Armed with the data gleaned from a brain map, we're able to guide your therapies to be most impactful. Whether you need a combination of treatments to find complete relief from your symptoms or you only need the benefits of a select few therapies, our team can help you identify the best course of action for you personally.

Our Centennial neurofeedback experts offer a solution to those looking for a drug-free or non-traditional approach to not only mental health care but also general well being.

Supporting Neurofeedback Therapy

Our partnership with McWhorter CNR allows us to offer a wide variety of services that support our core treatments. Working together to best serve our clients, we have everything you need and more to help you lead your best life.

Schedule Your Appointment At Nepes

If you live in or around Centennial and are ready to take control of your symptoms and your life, it’s time to check out Nepes and McWhorter CNR. Our partner location in Centennial offers a full suite of wellness services that help our clients achieve their goals without the hassle of traditional healthcare services. We accept specific insurance, but also welcome clients who prefer to pay out of pocket. Contact our Centennial neurofeedback experts today to learn more about how our partner location can support your mental wellness goals.