Nepes (ney-pause) is the leading provider of mental health care services and neurofeedback therapy in Denver West. Our specialists are highly trained and continuously undergoing additional education so that we can provide the best-in-class client experience at our Denver West location.

The Best Neurofeedback In Denver West

We value the client experience and in order to meet and exceed each and every clients’ expectations, we specialize in a number of different approaches at our Denver West office, including neurofeedback therapy, qEEG brain mapping, and traditional counseling. By doing so, we can customize a treatment plan that caters to the individual’s specific needs. Let’s discuss the process of neurofeedback in Denver West.

Denver West Treatment Guided By qEEG Brain Mapping

qEEG brain mapping is the cornerstone of what we do at Nepes. Each person needs unique brain support. If you struggle with symptoms of anxiety or depression, targeted neurofeedback therapy will likely focus on very different electrical frequencies than someone who struggles with sleep issues or insomnia. Because the brain is so complex, our Denver West experts start every client with qEEG brain mapping so they can craft a targeted treatment plan that will best serve the individual.

Denver West Neurofeedback Experts

Upon completing and analyzing your qEEG brain map, the next step is to customize a neurofeedback treatment plan. Neurofeedback can be used to treat symptoms of a variety of different disorders and support other goals, including:

Your brain is no different than other parts of your body. Consider going to the dentist for your semi-annual cleaning or checking in with your doctor at your yearly physical. Why do you do those things? To ensure that your teeth and body stay healthy. Neurofeedback allows you to do the same thing for your brain. By targeting specific electrical frequencies, you can strengthen the neural pathways that are weakened or imbalanced due to various symptoms and train your brain to operate more efficiently. With neurofeedback in Denver West, you can start leading your best life.

Caring, Compassionate Counselors In Denver West

We believe that you reap the most benefit from neurofeedback therapy at our Denver West office when you understand what’s going on. Education is the central element for all of our treatment options at Nepes, including traditional talk therapy and counseling. We not only have in-house counselors with education, expertise, and credentials in clinical counseling, but we also partner with a number of local providers to ensure we can offer the ideal experience to each of our clients. Whether you already work with a local counselor and want to take your mental health care to the next level with neurofeedback in Denver West or you’ve never considered the idea of mental health care before, our team at Nepes can help.

Your Partner For Mental Health Care In Denver West

Nepes has eight locations across central Colorado and Dallas, Texas for your convenience. Putting your mental health first can be challenging enough - gaining access to leading experts in the field shouldn’t be an additional hassle. Our new, Denver West location could be the perfect place for you to begin leading your best life. Contact our Denver West neurofeedback specialists today to schedule a free consultation.